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Telecom Services

At the same time, our services can be categorized in groups, e.: Religion services, Women services and General services. The benefit of these bundles that there are a unified shortcode and all the services will be under this shortcode as categories. These bundles can be extended to many categories in the future


They are categorized as follows:

1. Women bundle:
Laki: which cover all needs for the women from all sides
Hamluki: which cover pregnancy and its advices.
Matbakhuki: which cover the kitchen
Tifluki: concerns to the children care
Dinuki: concerns to the women religion
Osratuki: concerns to the family relations

2. Religion bundle:
Du3a: concerns to Do3a, Hadeeth...etc
Tajweed: concerns to Tajweed silence
Kabayer: Concerns to Kabayer explanation

3. General bundle:
Today In History_AR
Today In History_EN

4. Professions bundle:
AgriLink: concerns to agricultural field
Secretary: Concerns to Management and secretarial filed
Conversation: Concerns to conversation field.
Marketing: concerns to the marketing field.

5. Health bundle:
Rejeem: concerns to the health care and diet.

Mobile Services

Info Services bundles allow the subscribers to choose their interests and subscribe to get the needed information they would like. We would like to introduce the best services and subscription methods to the customers. All the services are based on monthly subscription, MT subscription, IVR…etc. Some users would not like to subscribe for all months especially in news services because sometimes there are some events they would like to follow without the others.


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