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Vehicle Tracking Made Easy At TechnoTRACK, we understand that you must stay focused on running your business, delivering your products, and getting the job done right every day of the week. That’s why we make it as simple as possible to track your vehicles, so that you can manage every aspect of your business without worrying about a thing.


Efficiency, Profitability and Security with Vehicle Tracking Today’s advanced tracking technology is continually helping improve businesses, as customers start expecting more when it comes to fast deliveries and on-time service. With Track Your Truck GPS tracking systems, you can:

The Vision

TechnoTRACK TechnoTrack is a technology system specializing in tracking the vehicles and fleets. We specialize in the business development and value added services of leading edge information and communication technology products and services to the emerging Market. Our company operates from diverse areas of the World with experienced consultants in diverse technological products and services. We bridge the technological gap between developed nations and emerging African Marketplace by providing a link and value partnership through effective business development and solution strategies between participating Global corporations TechnoTRACK offers vehicle tracking services that help improve performance and cut costs, no matter what industry you serve. Whether you are a business owner looking to control inventory and employee time, or you are a dispatcher interested in an easy-to-use, easy-to-integrate vehicle tracking system, TechnoTRACK can help you find a simple and effective solution..


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